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At some level everyone is seeking Unity, Oneness, Self Realization. Call it what you will. Yet there is only Unity. The idea of separation is a myth, a hypnosis. The filters of experience and knowledge blind us to the obvious. We are like the fish in the sea searching for water but overlooking the obvious.

Once you see it, it’s quite simple. You wonder how you could have ever missed it.
You’re missing it now because you are not seeing clearly. You are entranced and hypnotized by your own personal filters. Seeking clarity while being hypnotized is useless. Clarity can only be experienced by coming out of the hypnosis of the mind and seeing life without the filters.

Becoming clear is not a matter of doing. Rather, it is a matter of undoing. Rather than absorbing still more theoretical (and counterproductive) philosophy or psychology, give yourself permission to view Truth as Truth views itself: unfettered, innocent, non-judgmental.

The Seeker must be aware of his/her filters and let go of them – at least temporarily. Only then can Truth be realized. And one glimpse is enough to give you everything you want.

To recognize and then neutralize your filters you must first understand the workings of your own mind. You will quickly and easily see how in childhood you formed the filters through which you now view life. To rid yourself of these filters you must convince your own subconscious mind that the filters are no longer relevant and are actually preventing you from finding what you want. This is not easy but it is simple and straightforward.

It is impossible to attain a state of clarity if you continue to identify with and worship the hypnotic trance created by your filters. The map to clarity is not complicated. Self realization is attainable as soon as you are ready. The path is clear. What will be difficult will be facing the constant and ever-repeating dilemma of whether to wake up or remain in the old trance.

Truth is not something to be sought. There are no oceans to swim, no mountains to climb. Truth is present everywhere, at all times. It is yours for the sincere asking.