I did not come to plant seeds of the body.

I did not come to do what has already been done millions of times, even by me.

I am here that others may peer into the stone and see light. I am here to sing a wordless song, confusing, entrancing, prickling - until each hears his own inner song.

Until each hears the magnificent roar of divinity in a single blade of grass.
Oh how wondrous is the mundane. Each of the trillions of leaves is a masterpiece.

The everyday is a tapestry of miracle evolving out of miracle evolving out of miracle.

I am here to delight in life, to allow my smile of satisfaction to tantalize others so that they too will want to try the bread I am eating.

I have preached all of my life and no one has heard. But now I myself begin to hear.

I am my only audience when I sing and dance. How wild and wonderful.

My fragrance tickles the nostrils when I am gone.

Jeru Kabbal