Our intention at this level is to discover the secrets of our own Deeper Mind, for it is this hidden part of our being that holds the key to clarity and to ultimate freedom. It is the Deeper Mind (also called the subconscious) that ties us down to the decisions of infancy and childhood. It is like a computer that still follows outdated programs. To change these programs we must first discover them. By taking charge of our Deeper Mind we take charge of our life.
Already at this level the quality of our everyday life begins to dramatically improve: relationships, career, self esteem, success, etc. We are clearer, more relaxed, more confident.


Now that we have discovered the hidden programs of our deeper mind,our intention is for conscious change, for intelligent and relevant reprogramming, for evolvement. We begin dismantling the cage of the past and begin experiencing the present with unprejudiced eyes. Through our new clarity we begin to awaken. As we deprogram the experiences of childhood, the True Adult begins to emerge.


At this level we have new, expansive experiences without the filters of the passt. We discover the natural power and freedom of the True Adult. We break through old boundaries, drop old fears, find more successful ways of relating. As our previously suppressed inner strengths emerge we create more abundance, more success, better health, more happiness. We live more and more in the freedom of Here/Now.


Free of the confines of the mind, at this level we experience an inner unity with life. The illusion of separation disappeares. We have a powerful sense of belonging. We experience the majesty, the harmony, the power and the intelligence of the universe in which we live. We naturally relax, open and trust. WE see that life is a mystery to be danced, not a problem to be solved.

Ultimate Clarity

In this final phase of the journey to Ultimate Clarity we live increasingly more in our True Nature, independent of the metaphysical dream of the mind. We apply our inner clarity to higher levels of living, relating to others from a place of universal love and openess. The divine spirit flows through us more and more. When we reach Ultimate Clarity our journey is complete: our purpose is fulfilled.

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