People who learned from Jeru offer different ways to share their knowledge, wisdom and skills.

Some integrated his way of teaching and his tools into their own therapeutic settings.They give individual sessions or growth groups.

Others exclusively teach the ClarityProcess® according to the original 5-Level step- by step- approach in a group, as they learned it from Jeru or his trainers.

Here, are listed some of Jeru Kabbal´s senior teachers, who worked over several years with Jeru personally and share his work

in the U.S.A.

Rainya Dann,
Institute for Transpersonal Studies, Santa Cruz California

Svarna Wildens:

in the Netherlands (in Dutch) and Ireland (in English)

Taetske Kleijn,


in Germany

The teachers and trainers in Germany and other parts of Europe you find via The ClarityProject®

Additionally there are probably hundreds of QuantumLightBreath® Meditation events worldwide.
A list you find on the website of the ClarityProject®.
List your own QLB-evening here by sending an e-mail with event details to Nishkam: nishkam@clarityproject.de